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Team Eclipse wants YOU.

2009-07-24 13:35:29 by TeamEclipse

Team Eclipse is looking to expand it's horizens, we want able bodied artists with talent that is unique.

Be you artist, musician, voice actor, sound effects creator, animator, or writer we want you, dso go ahead and send a PM to use through this, or any of the acting members' pages.

How do you know who the acting members are? Look at the favourites on this page!


Sleepless is up

2009-07-21 08:08:03 by TeamEclipse

one of our animators has finished there 1st ep. of there animation, and its called Sleepless by Sci-Fi

this is a deep action adventure that is waiting to come out of it's cage and show the world that it has what it takes. from the animation to the very well placed music and voice acting this piece really brings you into its world and atmosphere.

We here at Team Eclipse hope you enjoy our first animation Sleepless


Sleepless is up

Team Eclipse Progress Bar

2009-07-04 16:15:51 by TeamEclipse

So team eclipse has like 4 projects that i can think of in progress. here they are and how far along they are...

Sleepless Ep1: The End of the World
Animation 99%
sound 85%
only thing needed is one voice actor. >.>

Deths Game Ep 0: The fool
Animation: 23%
sound: 3%

Angels Tear Ep 1: ???
Animation 40%
sound: 0%
still in need of voice work for all of these, please contact if interested. male and female needed.
to take a look at the work in progresses, check out the latest submissions.