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Entry #3

Team Eclipse wants YOU.

2009-07-24 13:35:29 by TeamEclipse

Team Eclipse is looking to expand it's horizens, we want able bodied artists with talent that is unique.

Be you artist, musician, voice actor, sound effects creator, animator, or writer we want you, dso go ahead and send a PM to use through this, or any of the acting members' pages.

How do you know who the acting members are? Look at the favourites on this page!



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2009-10-10 22:38:56

Hmm... I am creating a short animation, and after that I may want to help you as an animator. What would you need? Maybe I could create a short little movie to show what I can do for your genre and PM you with it.


2010-11-15 05:14:00

SIGN ME UP!!! :D ...artist/animator/musician


2010-11-15 05:14:21

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