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Team Eclipse Progress Bar

2009-07-04 16:15:51 by TeamEclipse

So team eclipse has like 4 projects that i can think of in progress. here they are and how far along they are...

Sleepless Ep1: The End of the World
Animation 99%
sound 85%
only thing needed is one voice actor. >.>

Deths Game Ep 0: The fool
Animation: 23%
sound: 3%

Angels Tear Ep 1: ???
Animation 40%
sound: 0%
still in need of voice work for all of these, please contact if interested. male and female needed.
to take a look at the work in progresses, check out the latest submissions.


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2009-07-04 17:14:27

I half-assed reading that


2009-07-18 19:56:47

Good luck with our projects my friend and thanks for scouting me, much appreciated.


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